Friday, August 29, 2008

Session 127 - Aug 22 - Central America

Friday Aug 22

Don't tell the rest of the guys this (they had to leave early Friday morning) but...Friday was one of my best days of the whole trip. Absolute glass and really sparse crowd and some nice overhead waves. No photos -- our photographers had all left -- but a heck of a way to end the trip for me.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, it was an incredible trip. Glad to have gotten the opportunity to join in. And, nearly all but a few of these photos were not taken by me (most by Luis or Jim) so, credit given where credit is due. Thanks guys, and see you on the next trip!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Session 126 - Aug 21 - Central America

Thursday Aug 21

The Hits just keep on coming...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Session 125 - Aug 20 - Central America

Wednesday Aug 20

On Wednesday, in addition to the established surf/eat/sleep/repeat routine, we also chipped in a bit and did a little grassroots beach cleanup effort. Thanks to Mike who provided the spark to get going, and thank you to the locals who grabbed bags as well and started filling them up on their own. No shortage of single use plastic to fill them with, that's for sure. Photos below taken by Jim, who has quite the artistic eye for trash...

Session 124 - Aug 19 - Central America

Tuesday Aug 19

Monday - Friday was really just a repeat, so I can't even tell you when these pictures are from...and I'm not gonna worry about it. Below and in posts to follow are just some of my favorites from the trip, some taken by me, most taken by others (again, Luis, Jim, Ryan, etc, thank you). Sadly, not many (of the good ones at least) are of me...but be assured I caught my fair share. (And wiped out on my fair share too).

We scored surf pretty much every day of the trip -- only one day that it stayed blown out all afternoon -- but pretty consistent day after day. Glass in the morning, glass in the evening, bumpier but fun in the afternoon...never quite got the EXACT swell angle for EPIC peeling conditions along the point, but no shortage of head high to overhead juice every day, plenty of Bay Wide Screamers, plenty of good rides by all. I mean, look at these pictures, do I have anything to complain about at all?? Really? Amazing trip, great destination. I'll be back. (But would it kill it to just flip the point around, and make it a left point? Please? Too much to ask?? :) )

Session 123 - Aug 18 - Central America

Monday Aug 18

Met up with the rest of the crew on Sunday at our destination for the rest of our trip. Caused a minor confusion as it wasn't clear that I was going to meet them directly at the camp and not the airport, so held them up for a few minutes right of the start as they were fruitlessly searching the airport for a gringo with a boardbag, but hopefully wasn't too much of a delay. As for me, I got a taxi/truck to take me to the final camp, and we spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out exactly where it was as I'd never been there before, but one thing about most people I've found in my visits to developing foreign countries is they are patient, and they are friendly.

The surf camp -- well really the house we were staying at, complete with cooks and cleaning service -- was really really nice, we were far from roughing it on this trip. I could get used to that life.

Enough typing. Photos below are panoramic view I was getting to enjoy each and every day from the water, truly a beautiful spot, such lush, undeveloped terrain all around. And the surf shots are Mike and Ben, two of our designated trip-rippers.

Session 122 - Aug 17 - Central America

Sunday Aug 17

What I'm going to try and do with these posts, due to a lack of time, is just display pictures from the trip. Unfortunately, my water camera broke on day 3 of the trip, so I don't have a lot of my OWN photos to show (the ones on this entry are mine), but we were fortunate enough to have Luis, a local, taking photos of us with his high power camera on several sessions throughout the trip. Plus, a few of the other travelers are shutterbugs themselves, so there is an array of those mixed in as well...

Enjoy and thank you to Luis, Jim, Ryan, Mike, Ben...and anyone else whose photos I may be featuring here.

The pictures below are mine, and are from my first solo stop -- for the first 2.5 days of the trip, I was on my own. Flew in the the airport, caught a taxi to a spot I read about at the airport that sounded good, walked around and found a room to stay in, and hung out.