Friday, February 27, 2009

boom goes the dynamite

Fantasy Surfer

A friend got me to sign up for Fantasy Surfer this year. Those of you who know me know I'm no stranger to Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball -- ie the established, normal fantasy sports establishments -- but Fantasy Surfer? That's a stretch. Even for me. 

But oh well, it's Fantasy Surf-Time! Should be kinda fun. And I've got $10 on the line!!! Don't let me down Slates!!!

Here's my team for event #1, the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, which kicks off today. I employed a very top-heavy strategy: Slater, Fanning, and Taj Burrow are all very very expensive, the rest of my team is in the lower echelon of salary cap implications (and one dude I picked solely because his name is Nic)...we'll see how this strategy pans out...I have never done this before, ya know.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Session 17 & 18 - Feb 24 - LM

Horace in 2009: Less words. More Pictures!

Nice drop in on those first two pictures, Burned! Nice nose ride on the other. And nice north end on the last. 

Pretty darn fun morning surf, snaps I took real quick from the parking lot when I was leaving, and are the middle/south of the beach where most people were at, Ramin and I surfed a bit north of there, where we had the waves (and closeouts) to ourselves. In typical fashion, we both had our blinders on -- I was going left only, Ramin going right. Hey it works, I'll surf with you anytime, Ramin. 

Second session was in the afternoon, hoping for more of the same, but was pretty much low tide crappy slop everywhere. Still got out for a quick one and made the most of it...happy to say I'm much better at making something out of even slop these days...that is where you can tell a real surfer from the posers...can you surf complete closeout slop and make it look decent? I've got a long ways to go but it's fun to be able to even get some rides out of what a few years ago for me woulda been complete and utter total closeout-central.

Got nostalgic and been surfing the 7'0 Brewer the last couple sessions. Fun board. Works good. Need to fix the delam.

Well, I almost made good on the "less words, more pictures" part. There's always 2010.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things Selin says in her sleep

When Selin dozes off to sleep before I do, I'll often start talking to her while she sleeps. She never fails to reply with some really random, really funny, completely nonsensical jibberish. It's cute, and always makes me laugh. Normally I forget it the next morning but last night I wrote it down on my cell phone. Here are a few of the funniest:

The hamburglar went down to eat the potato sack
You smell like a stick of gum
I love u...parasol

I love you too, Parasol. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

winna winna chicken dinna

No surfing this weekend...

Headed to the desert instead. Wish us luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Session 15 - Feb 18 - LM

3:15 PM Joel: how was your best wave this morn
 me: my best wave was a right
  all the drops were pretty soft, slow takeoff
 Joel: sheesh remember how good we got W****** that time a month ago?
 me: i barely even got into it
3:16 PM Joel: man that was sweet
 me: but the brewer foam helped me in and once I was in
  I had it dialed, and it walled up real nice
 Joel: anyhow slow takeoffs eh, mushburgers
 me: one of those waves where you see the whole thing in front of you
 Joel: cooooooooooo'
 me: just a wall
 Joel: aaaaahhh yeah
 me: so I sped along it and tweaked the board up a bit higher for speed
  and made it past that sectioning wall
 Joel: dang what a champ
 me: and then a little turn off the top, maybe a tiny bit of spray
3:17 PM and then back into the wave
 Joel: more like 5 gallons
 me: and then got clipped a bit by the lip
  but recovered
 Joel: barrelled
 me: and then was trying to get back down the face
  and fell forward, right on my face.
 Joel: flying body surf exit
 me: yeah, except I fell forward into the wave
3:18 PM If i hadn't fallen coulda probably kept going a bit further
  but, I was pretty far in already
  not sure if it was just going to close out completely but
  I don't think it was, think I coulda gotten past that and made a clean exit
 Joel: coulda launched an air
 me: but I fell on my face instead
  yeah, maybe an air
  so that was a good wave.
3:19 PM and yes a month ago at W****** that was good.
 Joel: really good
 me: extremo good
 Joel: like once ever 5 years good
3:20 PM me: ha, it was good
  like once every 5 months good
 Joel: what made it so good is nobody was on it
 me: it gets good there a lot
 Joel: i'd say way more than every 5 months
  i'd say at least year
 me: yes. that was kind of rare.
  well, very rare.
  pretty sweet.
  this morning was fun. Not very crowded either.
3:23 PM Joel: cool

Session 14 - Feb 15 - Hook

I don't technically actually remember if this surf was on Sunday or Monday. Oh well. I had Monday off work though -- that was sweet. Unfortunately it also rained, non stop, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The best little patch of unrainy weather though I was on it, and got out at the Hook at probably the best little patch of not completely stormy windblown complete and utter total slop surf. And, it was actually kind of fun. Surfed the 6'2 KG. Good to live on the beach. 

Good thing it rained though. That resevoir as you drive over HW 17 I think was about to be completely empty...good to see some water in there now. My plants got a good drink too. And I had left my vacuum cleaner outside. (there is nowhere to put it inside, joys of Studio living). I hope it dries out and works again. (although I guess it doesn't matter that much, I got it for free from a moving sale.) (But still, not good to waste a perfectly good vacuum cleaner.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"A man must have a code." - Bunk

It poured rain all weekend -- good for the drought -- bad for my weekend. So Selin and I stayed inside and watched the entire first season of 'The Wire." Good show. Some corrupt politicians no doubt. But they got nothin' on these two fine gentlemen:

Wow. Maybe that'll get worked into the script in one of the upcoming seasons we haven't watched yet. But then again, maybe the writers thought it would be too far-fetched. 

Thanks to Jason Min's gchat status message for the tip. 

Enormous, Stationary, Huge, Mounds of Blubber

And no, I don't mean

Although that web site is rather repulsive.

What I'm referring to is Elephant Seals. Those things are CRAZY. 

A couple weekends ago Ramin, Josh, and my madman brother decided to camp out overnight on a certain unnamed (but certainly popular) north county beach. I'm far too old and hoity-toity for such misadventures -- and my house, bed, and TV are entirely too close -- but I commend the trio for their get-up-and-go attitude and making it happen. Although next time, guys, might consider an actual tent/shelter/rainfly, of some gets pretty wet at night on the ocean, fellas. But still, good effort, I'll join in next time. (with a tent/shelter/rainfly.) 

To my credit, I did cruise up there bright and early the next morning to join in the revelery. And help consume the leftover beer. Unfortunately, I showed up but the waves didn't -- flat -- not quite the vision the intrepid campers were hoping for upon sunrise on their sandy piece of prime beachfront real estate. Better luck next time. 

Getting back on topic...The night before we'd been at another beach just a mile or two further north, hoping to find something surfable up there amidst the run of flatness we'd been having. We didn't find waves but we found Elephant Seals. Lots of Elephant Seals. And these things are unreal. Crazy things. HUGE things. I've never seen them up close on the beach before, only from afar. And from afar, you don't realize the sheer mass of these creatures, truly something else. From afar, you don't realize the absolute panic these creatures can instill, as you're frantically hustling to get out of the way of a fleeing full-grown female and her hot-in-pursuit amorous male counterpart...instilling "Tremors" flashbacks and shaking the ground as they flop-slide closer and closer...SHEER MASS. Frightening. We're talking 16,000 pounds MASS. And a surprisingly fast 16,000 pounds at that. (Bet you didn't know: While excellent swimmers, elephant seals are even more surprising on land, where they have a higher velocity than the average human when moving over sand dunes.)

So this particular vicinity is  very well known for having Elephant Seals -- thousands of them nest and breed year-round just maybe a half-mile or so out on the point, and on the more secluded beaches on the northern end. But, normally, they stay there. This marks the first time they've ever come ashore on this exact stretch of popular, heavily-trafficked State Park beach...which the rather excitable crew of Park Rangers patrolling the beach were quick to inform us.  (Actually, when the Ranger came hustling up to Selin and I when we first arrived, surfboard under my arm, I was expecting a different message altogether: Along with Elephant Seals comes Elephant Seal Predators (aka Men in Grey Suits) (Aka the Landlord) (aka Big Toothy) (aka Great White Sharks)...figured there had been a sighting. Or worse.) So as we stepped on the beach she quickly pointed out the masses of blubber dotting the landscape in front of us, and reminded us to keep our distance -- at least 25 feet -- and not to do anything to bother or excite the animals. (Apparently driving a Park Ranger truck all over the beach and around the animals doesn't count)

There were maybe 10 or so of the Seals across the beach, all just laying there on the sand. Really something else to see. Most of them just laid there, taking in the last of the evening sun, but a couple got a little rowdy, including the mating ritual we observed mentioned above. There were two brave surfers out in the water at the cove, and we briefly contemplated joining them -- but the surf (and the surroundings) didn't really warrant it. We were further comforted in our decision when after about 30 minutes, one of the bulls (male seals) decided to go in the water and check in on those two surfers...see what they were all about. Needless to say, those surfers got out of the water...FAST. Pretty funny from our beachside vantage point, but I'd imagine somewhat terrifying for those two dudes. We were laughing about it with them for a second afterwards. Locals Only!

Anyways, this has been a long story, but you should get it by now -- Elephant Seals are big, weird, blubbery, amazing creatures. And it never ceases to amaze me this place I live, such experiences, such marvels can present themselves at every bend, every moment. Just take it all in and enjoy it: the ocean is a fascinating place. 

A few more photos to finish things off. I think I'll go surfing this afternoon. (Somewhere without Elephant Seals.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


And I thought Pleasure Point was crowded.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Valentine

Who doesn't love a good Valentine LOLcat? Happy Valentines Day!

Session 12 & 13 - Feb 8 - SC Beachy, Hook

Got back from NYC late on Saturday night and needed to get myself to the beach, ASAP!!! I missed it. NYC was fun, but, exhausting. City livin'.

Joel and Ramin were posted up on the LazyTown couch and floor when I got home, good to have some surf company for the next day. We woke up kind of late and took our time, surf wasn't looking anything all that amazingly exciting but it was definitely kook cord contest going on out at 1st peak, so we rode bikes up the road a bit and paddled out...joined only a few other guys, enough waves for all. Joel and Ramin (Joel especially) was throwing himself into all sorts of waves, way too deep, actually pulled out a couple but took his share of beatings at the same time. I surfed a bit more conservatively but still got some good waves, surf was kind of choppy and windy but some definite pulse in the water to keep it interesting. Good to be back home, thats for sure.

Came back home and watched some NBA hoops in the afternoon, and later paddled out again for #2 at the Hook this time. Not a whole lot of note to write about, surf wasn't that great on a really low tide, but whatever it was worth it. We had fun. Been surfing the 6'2 KG a lot lately, I think it does actually help me out a bit to stick with a single board for a while at least and try to figure it out...maybe need to rethink that 13 (or is it 14? 15?) board quiver thing. (maybe not)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#23: Do Not Want

Nothing like a good wipeout photo collection.

And nothing like a good copy-and-paste photo feature set to appease those "dude where's the Horace updates man, duuuuuuuuuude" masses. (OK, 2 people)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thanks to Brian Bravo's GChat status message for this fine little piece of Obamania photoshop work.

It is freezing cold (but clear and sunny!) in NYC. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Session 11 - Feb 1 - SC Beachy South

Surf small this weekend headed south in search of more open pastures, good decision seek and ye shall find. Real fun session out there, Josh, Taylor, Ramin stylin on the longboard, I surfed the 7'6 Kingfish, plenty of waves to be had for all. And this weather, just amazing, love it. So got in a great pre-super bowl session, home by 3:30 for kickoff and some Mom's secret recipe chips and bean dip (we added probably a few too many jalepenos though, that stuff was on fire). Pretty good Super Bowl too to boot -- well at least the 4th quarter. 

I tried to be cool and surf leashless for a while, after maybe 20 minutes or so and some successful kook-cord-less rides took off on a closeout left, tried to grab the rail but it slipped away from priveleges revoked, was fun while it lasted. Oh yeah, no crowds out there either, or I wouldn't be attempting such stunts. Gotta love Super Bowl Sunday! 

I go to NYC for work tomorrow...honestly? I wish I could just stay in sunny California and surf all day. Bah humbug.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Session 10 - Jan 28 - OB

Working in the SF office Wednesday so, went up there extra early, met Taylor and Ryan and our very own professional surf photographer AKA bum knee Ramin. Unfortunately Ramin brought his new camera but he didn't bring any waves so, not a whole lot to speak about. 

In the unlikely event Ramin got any photos of me where I don't look like a complete and total surf noob I'll post them here. Don't hold your breath!

And while it's great having Ramin the professional surf photographer posted up on the beach with a big lens tripod and all, it's much better having him in the water so, glad that the ol' knee is feeling better old man.