Monday, May 9, 2011

Playoff Basketball

I have no ties to either team, but...Grizz-Thunder...what a game! Nuts! Chuck is right. Westbrook, pass the ball. Preferably not after dribbling for 6 seconds. Zbo, battling. Ridiculous 3 by Vasquez. Who are these guys? OJ Mayo, selfish, but those were some clutch 3's. Love it when the bench guys are so into it. Playoff basketball Westbrook, still going strong. These guys must be exhausted. Zbo sure is. Durant? He's probably not tired but he is pretty much invisible. Get the man the ball. Know your role. The Grizzlies do. I feel bad for Vancouver and Seattle. Particularly Seattle. And Greg Oden. Was that Big Country Bryant Reeves?

The NBA Playoffs! It's FANtastic!