Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't get your hopes up

I'm just dumping a few photos here for some friends, file size is too large to email so this is an easier way for them to see 'em...

But who knows...maybe this post will revitalize Horace. Only time will tell.

Regardless, it was a lovely winter morning at the beach.


Ramin said...


I think I even once wrote a poem to keep Horace alive. Is that weird? Whatever it takes to keep the Horace the Chancho rocking.

Great shots. Shooting from that stretch of beach is pretty fun on a good morning. It's not as high up as the dunes so you actually get a better sense of the wave size than from shooting so up high.

Colin said...

great shots nic, i wish i was out there with you that day. i got some good ones today, and revived W2H too - it's been since October! I'll definitely need to hook up with you for some paternity leave OB sessions though ;)

Josh said...

Dying Surf Blogs unite! W2H and Horace emerge from the depths of the internet equivalent of a three wave hold-down! Just when your friends say to each other "shit, I think he's dead. If their board floats up later I got dibs on it" BAM! climbing the leash back into the light. Keep it up.

PS Triumphant return to the water was a success yesterday. Beautiful, mellow, hollow OB.