Friday, April 30, 2010

Go Suns

As soon as Jerryd Bayless tried to go for the highlight dunk instead of actually making points...and got sent packing in the process...this one was over.

Sad to see the Blazers season end but really, I'm not all that disappointed to see Phoenix moving on. Is there a more likable bunch in the NBA? Nash and Hill -- class acts. That video above is great. He got a bit fired up there. GIMME THAT ISH!!!! Watch the replay again and you'll hear him yelling after his block. I like to consider myself a pretty classy sportsman on the court myself but I woulda done the same. Bayless...gimme a break. Who do you think you are? Lebron? "King Bayless" I don't see that catching on.

Dwight Jaynes, an old columnist for the Oregonian and other Portland papers, has a good blog that is my main go-to for Blazers nuggets. I agree with much of what he says. McMillan -- COY?? Not even close. Guy is a disciplinarian and control-freak, and didn't make an adjustment all series. Of course I also know it is the players on the floor that ultimately decide what happens, and it's easy for a coach to look good when you have Nash running the show, making the right decisions. But I think all in all Miller makes pretty good decisions too -- as a coach he needs to realize that and give him some rein to do his thing. The whole fiasco with the whole first half of the season and coming off the bench, ridiculous. The player rotation and minutes? Also bizarre. As a player it's extremely difficult to make any sort of consistent contribution when you're getting only 15 minutes of PT yanked around all over the place willy-nilly. Shorten the rotation. This isn't the high-school JV where everybody should get some minutes (another analogy previously made by Dwight). Anyways all in all a frustrating season, insane injuries, and really rather demoralizing watching my team play. Read Dwight Jaynes blog for more, and, hopefully, next season, Blazers basketball actually is fun again. Even I have to admit it's gotten pretty stagnant and boring and, well, unappealing.

Go Suns.

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