Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New blogging format

Some quick thoughts from a long weekend...

Official summer kickoff! Didn't dust off the BBQ quite yet but I'm sure I will soon. (delicious french toast, pancakes, raspberries, and strawberries instead...)

Waves over the weekend...nothing epic...but some surf out there for those so inclined. 

Longboarding at the Hook feels like cheating. OK it is cheating. But it sure is fun. 

Rediscovered a new old favorite longboard spot too yesterday...no kelp!

Ding repair extravaganza...

KG fish soon to become the ultra frankenboard -- more than half the deck is currently stripped off, allowing some thoroughly rotted foam ample time to dry before reglassing.

If you haven't noticed it already...the complete every session logs have ceased to exist. Was running out of stuff to say anyways. Maybe they'll come back at some point. Maybe. 

NBA playoffs are great

Free organic strawberries are great too



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Horace Neglect

Sorry Horace. You didn't do anything to deserve this neglect. You're still as trustworthy as ever. You never complain. Never lament on how things used to be. You just keep holding that door, patient, helpful, supportive. Like always. 

I've just been busy lately. Lots going on. I promise it won't always be this way. 

I hope there are good waves this weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I tried.

I failed. 

I was really going to try and not post any more ridiculous YouTube posts on here...at least for a little while. Trying to bring Horace high-brow, upmarket, establish some serious journalistic credibility. All that good stuff. 

But then I saw this. 

And I can't stop watching it. Seriously! Never before have I been compelled to watch a YouTube clip time after time after time. I mean, most of em, I can barely make it through once! Maybe it's the Friday afternoon euphoria kicking in or something, but, I'm thinking this might be the best YouTube clip I've ever seen. Just in terms of plain well-done, high quality, entertaining, pop-culture relevant, irrerevent internet time-wasting content...I can't think of anything as good! 

Hats off to Steve Porter, who created this video...nearly 1.5 million views and gaining more every day...come to think of it, maybe YouTube isn't such a waste-of-time after all? Internet marketing opportunity? Hmmm...viral marketing...it's on my mind lately...

Just for context, here's a (slightly shortened) version of the original 'SlapChop' informercial starring the infamous ShamWow guy, Vince.  

Quality stuff. Well done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Time

A while ago my folks came down from Orygun to visit sunny Santa Cruz. As usual, the Golden State did not disapoint and delivered a great stretch of clear, sunny, warm days, perfect for lounging outside and spending some quality time by the water. Maddy, fresh off her long Boston winter, quickly blinded us all at the beach (at least for one day, after that, she was bright red...Sunscreen, Maddy. Use it.) Dad surfed up a storm. Joel surfed up a storm. Spotless ran wild. Maddy baked like a lobster. And Mom held it all together and kept the family on track like only she can. (She also did a fantastic job driving, all by herself, on those SCARY california freeways!). It was a great visit and I truly enjoy having my family here. Even when there are 6 of us crammed into my tiny little studio. Tracking dirt in and out. I can hardly clean fast enough.

Come back soon family!

As you can tell, my old man both rips (final photo) and is good at getting himself out of a sand pit. 


Is probably my favorite of all! 

I've been neglecting Horace of late. Tonight I went to a tequila tasting cinco de mayo party graciously hosted by a couple old friends from work. Great to see a lot of people I haven't spent time with for a while and catch up on things. I won't get into details here and now but, my work situation is in a bit of flux at this present moment, a few exciting opportunities on the horizon...we'll see what happens...but if I do venture off to the great unknown I will certainly miss many of the people I've had the privilege of working with over the past nearly 7 years.

But enough sentimentalism/nostalgia. Real reason I'm posting now is, it came to my attention at tonight's tequila party that a few of these aforementioned coworkers actually read this here Horace the Pig blog! And here I was thinking the only people that read this thing are: 1) my mom, 2) Ramin (thanks buddy), and 3) myself. (Selin gave up on reading all this drivel long ago. She pretty much scans it: "surfing?" skip. "more surfing?" skip. "Oh that's a nice photo." "YouTube clip? Why'd you post that?? Stupid!" skip. "MORE surfing??" "I've had enough I'm outta here going to my purse forum")

So it was a surprise that these dudes knew Horace existed and actually check it from time to time. Thanks guys!

Actually I don't know what to make of it really. I lost my train of thought here.

Time for a photo post!

Happy cinco de Mayo.